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Operation Double Double

A persistent squad campaign


[|56|] is pleased to host a new way to play squad. Join us for organized bi-weekly matches where you follow your faction through a persistent war. Watch as your faction develops with both infantry equipment and vehicle tiers.  


Time Line

Oct 2006 - After several years of deteriorating social stability and a lack of support for the war in Iraq, a massive terrorist attack at an Australian base in Al Muthanna province caused major public backlash. Shortly after The New Brisbane Communist party (NBC) is formed, under the slogan "Never Another Gallipoli".

February 2007 - Due to perceived western aggression and global attention being on the political turmoil in Australia and Pan Asian expansion in the Pacific, Russia annexes both Moldova and Belarus and declares the creation of the Eastern Defensive Cooperative (EDC).

March 2007 - With continued public pressure to leave Iraq and promises of not being drawn into another potential European conflict, the NBC is able to gain a majority government during the 2007 elections.

April 2007 - NATO begins bolstering forces along its eastern border, troops from the United States, Canada and Great Britain begin mobilizing. Due to the increase of NATO presence, Russia invites the Middle Eastern Alliance to join the EDC. They Accept.

December 2011 - During celebrations commemorating the great Emu War, a massive explosion rocks downtown Brisbane. This caused public outcry and after a brief "investigation", members of the NBC claim that the explosion was orchestrated by members the Unites States Central Intelligence Agency. It would later be discovered that this attack was carried out by the Australian government to promoted public support for a military intervention in Europe.

February 2012 - Following mass reports of CIA involvement in the explosion, the Australian government immediately passes legislation to mobilize the Australian defense forces and declares at the United Nations its intent to join the Eastern Defensive Cooperative.

May 2012 - At a small river crossing near the town of Narva, a shoving match between NATO and EDC border guards escalates when an EDC guard shoots a US marine who begins approaching the scuffle. A civilian in the town captured the exchange and after posting it on social media, populations on both sides of the conflict began demanding answers.

June 2012 - For reasons still unknown, an individual EDC T72 drove through the same border crossing in Narva and engaged NATO APC's in the area before it was stopped by a nearby squadron of German Leopards. Shortly after, a state of war is declared between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Eastern Defensive Cooperative.

News Releases


July 23, 2022


August 13, 2022

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