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Squad Server Whitelist

Priority access to [|56|] Squad servers is available by making a donation in our name to one of the below charities at the following rates;

$5 USD - One Month Of Priority Access
$15 USD - 4 Months Of Priority Access (1 Month Free)

$45 USD - 1 Year of Priority Access (3 Months Free)

$150 USD - Priority Access Until The World Ends, Or 56 Folds Due To West's Poor Leadership.

After your donation, please go to our whitelist request channel with your steam64id and screenshot of successful donation and an admin will assist you. Please block any identifying personal information before submitting.

Raised Since April 21' - $20,000 USD

Native Womens Association of Canad2a.png

[|56|] is not affiliated with any above charity, we are just trying to help how we can. Also Whitelist is provided as a thank you for supporting one of these fine charities and does not protect you from being kicked/banned for breaking rules. As the money is given straight to these organizations we are unable to provide refunds for time missed due to "disciplinary" action.

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