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Operation Double Double

A persistent squad campaign


How It Works

Operation double double will be a persistent squad campaign held every 2-3 weeks . 2 teams will fight for control of the globe while slowly building their arsenals. All faction decisions and research paths will be chosen by each commands command element which is made up of both [|56|] and public players. The grand map play is inspired by games such as Galactic Conquest of the Battlefront series and risk.

Key Concepts / FAQ

Region Control - A grouping of 3 maps, each region has a corresponding benefit when you control 3/3 of the maps in the area. You are unable to control a region if 1 map is under the effect of an insurgency or enemy faction control.

Research - Research tiers cost between 3-8 research points, you gain 3 for winning a round and 2 for losing. Additional RP will be available through bonus objectives and action cards.

Game Type - Each map will be played on a custom AAS layer, you will start with the first 2-3 caps under your control (unless affected by an action card). When a faction attacks a new region, the first map played will be a custom invasion layer. Each factions command will be given a bonus objective at the start of each map aswell. These will provide various bonus's. 

Campaign Start - At the beginning of the campaign each faction will choose 3 maps to place a forward operating base. When attacked these maps will have additional defending assets. 

Capturing Regions - You may only attack from regions you control 2/3 of the maps on. When you attack against a map which is not occupied by the opposing faction, you will fight against local greenfor may be reinforced and supplied by the opposing faction.

Action Cards - Action cards can be gained by capturing territory, bonus objectives, research. Action cards can be used once prior to each match. These will provide different benefits such as addition tickets, assets, sabotage, forward spawns and can help tilt the game in your favor. If you lose 3 rounds in a row, your faction will be given an additional card.

Command Actions - The action that a factions command may take is ATTACK. Attacking allows a faction to take over a new territory and begin growing their influence.

Action Cards


Arms Shipment

Locals have taken up arms in support of your faction, as a good faith gesture you provide them with equipment. Defending GREENFOR get 2 vehicle assets given to them at the same tier available to the faction that played the card.



Advanced units have moved into position the evening before the battle. Team can deploy 1 forward spawn point for the first 5 minutes.


Civil Unrest

GREENFOR supporters have rallied in markets and towns halls in the area to protest enemy expansion. Enemy starts with -1 cap under their control.



With the conflict escalating and the situation on the ground changing, command has decided to shift formations around. You may change what faction plays on each map in 1 region.


Light Recce Unit

A light armored recon unit has been attached to your group for the coming operation. You gain 2 additional single use tier 1 armored vehicles to assist.


Fund Insurgency

In an effort to prevent the enemys sphere of influence growing, you agree to fund and support a local group of seperatists. Play a battle and flip an enemy controlled territory into GREENFOR if victorious. THIS IS USED IN LIEU OF AN ATTACK. Research points awarded as normal.


Counter Insurgency

After recent terrorist attacks and unrest, military police and special forces units are sent in to quell these activities. You may eliminate an enemy insurgency without the need to play the match and are free to attack a different target.


Tactical Squadron

Command has seen fit to allocate additional air force assets to your operation. An additional helicopter is added to your round (only usable on maps with helicopters already present)


Indigenous Forces

While enemy forces approached the battlefield, local forces arrived to assist in its defense. Your team gains access to 1 logistics technical, 1 tier 2 technical as single use assets. Along with access to the HELL CANNON emplacement


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